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Aug 20, 2016

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When I first started my own business as an accountant I was shocked in the first couple of years by the number of business owners that didn’t make any money. I got to see their financial information, so I didn’t need to fall prey to the bullshit! I could see the bald truth, the numbers don’t lie.

These business owners were all lovely people who deserved to make money out of what they did. Invariably they were really good at it and had high standards. But I saw them lose heart, lost passion and lose money as they struggled to get their business to pay them a living wage.

I really wanted to help and I did my bit, when I could, to get them to think more like a business person and get a business that could pay their way. But I realised that we’re not born as entrepreneurs or business owners - just like everything else, from walking to driving a car we have to learn how and what to do.

Once I came to this conclusion (I know it’s not exactly revelation of the year!) I started to run workshops and seminars that would help on this business learning journey. I still run these to this day and I’ve got two coming up in September. One is for any business, here’s the link and the other is specially for the hair and beauty industry. I used to be a hairdresser, so it’s close to my heart. The link is here

I’d love to help you get the business results you want.


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