Why am I hooked?

Aug 15, 2016

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I’m not an avid sports fan so why am I suddenly addicted to the Olympics? There are certain sports I like (actually just the one – cycling), but I’ve found myself watching tennis, golf (highlights only!), running, high jump and even a bizarre track cycling race I’ve never heard of before called Keiran.

Team GB is doing really well but that hasn’t always been the case. There’s a bit more money in sport these days thanks to the national lottery but that’s only one aspect to the spectacular change in good fortune. So how have they achieved this? Well it’s not about dramatic changes to training and coaching, it’s small changes in a few key areas that when put together makes the difference to Team GB’s performance.

Once upon a time the only measurement they would have used would be timing and while that’s a good thing to measure it only tells you whether you’re faster or slower (or win or lose), it doesn’t tell you what is causing you to be faster or slower. Or a whole raft of other things that could influence the ultimate outcome. So they’ve got better at monitoring lots of different areas.

And so it is with business – if you look only at your bank account every month and feel assured everything is going well as there’s money in the bank; if you wait until your accountant completes your accounts 9 months after your year has finished to see how you’ve done; if you look only at your sales orders or invoices sent – you really are missing key information. If you’re business is doing well using this method, then congratulations but you’re basing your business on luck and what happens when you’re luck runs out?

If you’re business is not doing quite what it could then you could do better than looking at what you’re measuring and how often you’re doing this. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be tailored to your business and what results you want to achieve. The method I use is The One Page Plan as it can be updated regularly and is easy to follow.

I’ve got lots of clients who use this like Kerri she’s increased her turnover by £250k in 7 months and Judi has doubled her profit in a year. If you would like a copy of the One Page Plan you can download it here 

I’ve also got some training coming up on the One Page Plan, it’ll help you identify your key areas to measure and you’ll leave with the start of your own plan. Details are here https://makemoremoneyforsmallbusinessowners.eventbrite.co.uk

If you’re a hair or beauty salon owner I’m running one particularly for your industry, details here https://moremoneyforsalonowners.eventbrite.co.uk


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