Seth Godin is Right!

Sep 03, 2016

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When I talk about prices and how difficult it is for us as small business owners to go down the route of selling cheap and in volumes that mean we can make a profit we can live on, I’m often met with quizzical looks. Surely everyone wants cheap? Not everyone does - many customers actually want quality, they want their promises to be met and they want to be treated well. But so many business owners fall into the trap of cutting corners, assuming customers want the cheapest and not meeting even the basics of quality.

I’ve been the ‘victim’ of this quite a few times and not out of choosing the lowest price, but because I’ve made an assumption that I would get a basic quality. Am I the only person who paid a painter and decorator thinking I’d get a better quality job than if I did it myself, only to find I couldn’t shut my living room door afterwards? Would I guess that if I shook a dust sheet full of dust when the paint is wet the dust and debris would stick to the self same door? I had managed to paint the door myself a few years ago, it shut afterwards and there was no dust sticking to it!

I paid a mechanic to fix my sticky gears in my beloved car only to find he’d broken the plastic consul around it and not put the cover over the base of the gears back in place. To me both scenarios are just shoddy and still make my blood boil. If I’d been given the choice between a shoddy job or a good job I would, of course, always pick good. Don’t do your customers a disservice by making assumptions based purely on price.

I love to find out it’s not just me who feels like this. Seth Godin, a very famous marketing specialist and prolific author wrote an article about this last week. Check it out here, it’s called “In pursuit of cheap”


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