How Many Hours Do You Need To Work To Run A Successful Business

Nov 21, 2016

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I get asked this all the time and some people have the expectation I’ll say 80-90 hours a week. They don’t know me very well as I WILL NEVER SAY THAT. It’s just not true in fact I think it’s counterproductive. I see a lot of presenteeism - people staying late at work and not achieving very much. So much so that I regularly tell clients to cut down their hours in order to get more work done.

Have you been in the situation where you’ve just got to finish something off but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t reach the end? So you finally give up in frustration and leave it till the next morning, you get into work early to get it finished off and it’s done in 10 minutes.  Your brain gets tired, your body gets tired so give yourself a break. If you’re constantly working 6-7 days a week you will get scunnered by your business and lose your passion for it. Everything will seem like really hard work and you’ll start taking it out on your employees, your customers and your family.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we’ve just got to bite the bullet and get on with working long hours. Things happen we can’t control or we might have a really big project on that has a really tight deadline. But if you find yourself constantly in this situation then you need to change your business model. It’s not sustainable, you’ll burn yourself out and you won’t be doing anyone any favours – not your customers, not your team and definitely not your long suffering family.

So if you recognise this scenario then you need to step back and examine what’s going on in your business. When you take the time out you might just see a solution to your problem. Being caught in a cycle of overwork doesn’t give you time to think, so you need to step out and sometimes running the numbers past someone who has a good understanding of them (like me!) might just help.

Seriously though, if your business means you have to work all the hours and you’re not getting the rewards for it you will have to change something. It’s knowing what to change that’s the key.


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