Women are better at running businesses than men – discuss!!

Nov 07, 2016

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Well they might not be better, whatever that means, but they are different. Gone are the days when women felt they had to emulate hard-nosed businessmen in order to get on in the world and make a success of their business. We can do it on our terms and make business a nicer place to be.

In a world where men are still paid more than women for the same work, running your own business and making a success of it means you can level the playing field and pay yourself what you want.

However it’s not that easy to start your own business, there’s not a lot of help around in the UK. But imagine you have no money, you’re working 12 hours a day and struggling to feed your family - then starting a business becomes a real pipedream.

Welcome to many women’s lives in Uganda. In Uganda more than 50% of the female labour force don’t even get paid for their work. Women own 40% of businesses but only 7% of all finance is given to them.  Credit from banks is tied to land ownership and most land is owned by men! You might still be able to borrow money but the interest rates are prohibitively high.
And this is not because women are a bad bet when it comes to credit. According to panel experts at the World Economic Forum on Africa agricultural sector rural women are better managers of their resources. Payback of loans stands at about 96% for women, but only around 60-70% for men.

There is a lot we can do to help, it’s all about Trade not Aid!! There is a really good documentary we want to showcase as part of Global Entrepreneur’s Week, so we’re holding a screening on the 17th November at 6pm. It’s a chance to meet other like minded business owners and see what businesswomen are doing in Uganda. We’ll provide drinks and pizza!!

It’s free to come along and we’ve only got 30 places. If you’d like to register just click on the link below http://buff.ly/2fIjolx

All we ask is that you might like to contribute to the Barefoot in Business Support and Development fund. It provides microloans to women who can’t access any funding and gives them business training. When the microloan is paid back it’s recycled back to another woman in their community.


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