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Please Start Thinking About Pensions

If you have employees you need to get up to speed about pensions auto-enrolment.
If you’re an employer you really must start thinking about your pensions obligations to your employees. The chances are your staging date will be coming up pretty soon. If you’re …

Are You Sick of All the Budgets?

Budget, Schmudget .....find out what willl affect you as a small business owner.
I am, I may be an accountant but I’m getting really sick trying to keep up with all the changes in tax. In particular the assaults on small business owners, like dividend changes …

Thinking of becoming a limited company?

Is it something that might be good for your business and potentially save you tax?
There's a lot to take into consideration when deciding if you should become a limited company or not, particularly if you're currently trading as a sole trader or partnership. A l…

Hard Work Does Pay Off ....

Do you have the drive to make sure you're one of the best in your business?
Do you have the drive to be one of the best at what you do in business? It’s not enough to be technically the best, although that should be something we all strive for. I would ar…

It's all a struggle!

How do you set your prices? Are you sure they're right for your business? Here are some tips to get this right.
Price is one of those areas we all seem to struggle with. If we don’t get it right then it makes it difficult to get enough profit. AND not because we’re too expensive..... that’s…